I am a Chancellor's Fellow in the Mathematically Structured Programming Group at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow (Scotland).

Prior to that I was a Research Fellow working together with Edwin Brady on the dependently typed programming language Idris 2 at the University of St Andrews (Scotland).

Research interests

I am passionate about building trustworthy systems, and developing the languages, programming patterns, libraries, and tools that make it easier to develop such systems in an interactive manner.

I have a particular focus on efficient runtime representations, generic programming, proof automation, and user experience. You can read more about it in my research programme.


On top of being an Idris 2 maintainer, I have been a core contributor to Agda, its standard library and have published various libraries taking advantage of dependent types to define e.g. total parsers, or declarative hierarchical command line interfaces.


Last update: 2024 04